Mangapapa Church Strategic Plan for 2017

Mangapapa Church Strategic Plan for 2017

To Be Love, Light & Life


What do we mean by Love, Light and Life?

Worship = Love

What is God desiring of Mangapapa Church in terms of worship?

A Church family who

  • Have Jesus Christ at the centre of His Church, our highest priority
  • Worship in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Abide in Christ and bear fruit
  • Have expectant prepared hearts to participate and respond in worship, by the Holy Spirit


  • Recognise God's 'Haere mai' 'Welcome' to all and are thankful for God’s goodness and have hope for the future
  • Express diversity in celebration, aware that we are one in the bonds of God’s love
  • Honour the sacraments of Communion and Baptism


  • Where people respond to the spoken word of God, by the Holy Spirit, and are lead to repentance - to turn around.
  • Focus on Christ and what he accomplished 
  • Follow Biblical discipline and reconciliation processes


  • Hold the Bible as the inspired word of God
  • Teach disciples to abide in Christ
  • Share their stories to build up the Church body
  • Relevant and responsive to real life issues

Witness = Light

What is God desiring of Mangapapa Church in terms of witness?
What is it about our experience of Jesus Christ that this community cannot do without?

A Church family who

  • Follow Jesus Christ our Shepherd
  • Encourage the Church body to be inward and outward looking, always exhibiting love
  • Have His vibrant Light that radiates out
  • Are welcoming and accepting of all people
  • Intentionally and boldly witness the Christian way of life
  • Function in unity as a Church body, showing integrity, wholesomeness and fun
  • Are a faithful witness to the truth of Jesus Christ


  • Proclaims a clear,  Biblical, salvation message
  • Support people to witness in all their environments (eg workplaces etc)
  • Proactively reaching into and engaging the community
  • Recognise community connection points and needs
  • Have a support system which encourages evangelistic efforts –personal and corporate
  • Each person can explain their faith and bring conversations around to God
  • Grows in Holy Spirit power – miracles, healing!
  • Show consistent Christian faith in action in our daily lives


  • Have a culture of caring and service
  • Anticipate, recognise and respond to people in need in the community with caring and real solutions
  • Offer a place of refuge in time of need
  • Serve together in a coordinated and planned approach


  • Recognise God’s heart of justice and consistently practise it with grace and mercy
  • Recognise injustice and are proactive against it

Community = Life

What is God desiring of Mangapapa Church in terms of community

A Church family who

  • Love each other, by first experiencing, knowing the 'Agape Love' of the Father. 
  • Experience true koinonia
  • Are abiding in Jesus Christ and growing in the fruit of the spirit 
  • Exhibit His grace
  • Have strong, wide relationships overflowing into the wider community
  • Are all able to experience life abundantly
  • Are proactive

Gifts of the Spirit – 

  • Everybody participating with their gifts as vital parts of the body of Christ, the Church.
  • Live with a heart of unity to show God’s glory
  • Moving in faith
  • The Holy Spirit is evident, shining brightly, illuminating


  • Growing up in love and personal growth in Christ
  • Holy Spirit dependant
  • Know God’s living word and allow it to transform our lives
  • Know our foundational truths
  • Have a desire for wholeness
  • Confessing to one another, bearing one another’s burdens


  • Obedience and patience
  • Correcting and speaking to each other in love and truth
  • Encourage each other to stay close to God and keep growing in God to maturity
  • Responsible and accountable to each other

Mangapapa Church Focus for 2015:
To bring people to Jesus and wholeness through his love, light and life

People who walk in wholeness:

  • Prioritize building their abiding relationship with Jesus
  • Know and apply God’s living word in their life
  • Surrender their lives to Jesus, to obey his leading continually
  • Are connected with others who build into their lives and faith
  • Reach out to others, have an outward focus.

Mangapapa Church will bring people to wholeness through:

  • A culture of “come as you are, but don’t stay that way”
  • Discipleship Counselling, into an abiding relationship in Jesus Christ
  • Our relationships based in and working out of the 'Agape Love' of Father, Son & Holy Spirit.