(Thursday Open Shed Sale)


It's always on a Thursday, but only when we have enough items to sell.  When our shed is full of donated items, then we open up it's doors to the public to sell the things that have been donated.

When we have a date we will be open, it is posted on our Home Page - so check it out to see if there is a sale happening soon.  


All proceeds raised go towards local missions .... ministries run by the church for the community.  These include the Food Bank, RAK (Random Acts of Kindness), Hospital Emergency bags and CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Financial services.


So, the more goods we get given, the more times we can open up and sell and raise money to help run these amazing ministries.


Any donations of goods are welcome .... except books and clothes.  All goods donated must be in a clean, good or working order.


If you have anything that you would like to donate for the garage sale, please bring the items to the church office during office hours - 9am-12noon, Monday to Friday. 

Reminder:  We do not take any books or clothing.